About me

Joshua David Bennett

With a pipe

Joshua David Bennett – tocath@gmail.com

Author / Reader / Pipe enthusiast / Cover song consumer / Overuser of slashes.

Everything I am writing has some link to history.  Either it takes place or is very well grounded in our past.

Random facts about me,

  •  I will read just about anything I can get my hands on.  Nowadays that mostly means sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction. Occasionally I stray into science or biographies.
  • I live in beautiful Colorado.
  • I have two worthless cats that talk too much.
  • I have a dog that can’t control her bladder.
  • I have an amazing and supportive wife.

Currently I am working on three projects.

  1. An alt history novel that takes place in WW1
  2. A murder mystery set in the Great Depression
  3. A fantasy influenced by Incan / Polynesian / Japanese culture.

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