Scotch Saturday: Jack Sparrow’s Dram

Scotch Saturday – Weekly on JDB, because whisky is a fantastical, magical creation.

My own odd obsession is cask finishing. Unlike American bourbon, which by law can only be aged in new oak barrels, Scotch is often aged in used barrels. Most commonly, Scotch makers use casks that previously held sherry, a sweet fortified wine. Over time, that flavor comes back out of the oak, adding depth and smoothness to scotch. Less often there are more exotic options…  Like RUM!

Balvenie 14yr Caribbean Cask
  • Aroma - 8/10
  • Palate - 8.5/10
  • Finish - 6/10


balvenie Carib The alchemists at Balvenie took whisky that had already aged for 14 years, and transferred it to empty rum barrels to make the Balvenie Caribbean Cask. My wife bought me a bottle for Christmas, and I loved it to the very last drop. The rum is strongest in the aroma, bringing out some great allspice notes amongst the typical Balvenie vanilla and caramel. The taste is smooooooth, honeyed orange, stone fruits and just a hint of molasses. My only complaint is the finish, which can be both burning and cloying. I found that a few drops of water and a fifteen minute wait helped.

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