I found my name in New Jersey

For years I’ve been keeping my eye on domains I might want if I were to some day become an “established author.” This domain was one of those, already taken, but abandoned, a wasteland, a literal blank page.

I considered going with Joshua Bennett David, which is what I had adults announce over the intercom when I got lost in grocery stores as a kid.  It seems I have trouble with complex ordering operations when I’m flustered.  But I learned from Joel on Mystery Science Theater to never trust a man with two first names.  So that was no good.    

But last month the owner of this domain, Ranjit of Morganville, New Jersey,  let it expire.  Why Ranjit wanted my name in the first place, I don’t know.   He’s already got a nicely unique name that will grab eyes on bookshelves.  In any case, I snatched the domain at auction.

My thoughts on writing and creativity will follow soon, but for now, celebrate with me that I now own a piece of myself.  

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